SCA donates over $140,000 in services per year to reach people in need. Your donation helps us reach more.

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Your Support Changes Lives

SCA operates on clear, sound business principles under the guidance of an independent director board that includes professionals in the fields of finance, business administration and marketing. We primarily support ourselves through competitively priced for-fee services, with strict accountability for every dollar we receive and every dollar we spend.

Though SCA is a tightly run business, we are more essentially a ministry. Our original vision, and our ongoing mission, is to bring healing to as many people as we can reach from all sectors of society. Many of those people cannot pay for the full value of the services they receive. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we contribute to our community over $140,000 worth of services per year.

SCA works hard to make our services accessible to the full spectrum of society. Unlike many similar agencies, we accept payment through our clients' managed care plans. We arrange assistance plans with churches and other organizations, and in cases of demonstrated need, we adjust fees at our own expense. Still, a growing number of people fall through the cracks.

We can reach more of these people with your support.Your donation goes directly into changing the lives of people facing adversity beyond their means, such as single parents, people unable to find work in an ailing economy, and those whose complex problems have exhausted their own resources. Will you prayerfully consider becoming part of our support team?