SCA donates over $140,000 in services per year to reach people in need. Your donation helps us reach more.

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Organization Support

Our professional staff is ready to custom design a package of services to meet the needs of your church or organization. The following are examples of services we have provided locally and around the world.


Because of their diverse training and experience, our staff can address nearly any mental health subject that your organization would want to consider in a class, seminar, retreat or other occasion.

Training, Coaching and Consultation

SCA can provide instruction for staff members and volunteers serving in mental health-related capacities. This can be a one-time presentation or an ongoing series. We can also arrange to interact with staff members and volunteers as they face new challenges and develop new skills to meet them.

Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

Even the best organizations get stuck in solving their problems internally. Some of our staff members are experienced in helping them work through their difficulties, facilitating effective communication and offering sound input while staying within appropriate boundaries. We function as facilitators, not "fixers."


SCA can arrange for structured guidance of persons regularly providing mental health services within your organization.

Assessment and Evaluation

Our professional assessment services can provide information and insight vital to making the best choices in hiring staff members and recruiting volunteers.

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