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Gena Hicks, PhD

Dr Gena Hicks, licensed psychologist in the state of Colorado, joined our staff in 2012. She earned her BS in psychology from Evangel University (Springfield, MO) and MS and PhD in counseling psychology from Iowa State University (Ames, IA).

Dr Hicks has seven years of experience working with college students at university counseling centers, and four years working with US military veterans as a full-time staff psychologist at the Kansas City VA Medical Center. She is experienced in providing psychological assessment, individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy to adults of all ages with a variety of presenting concerns--to include mood disorders, anxiety disorders, grief and loss issues, relationship and family problems, identity issues, anger problems, chronic pain, psychosis, personality disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders and domestic violence.

Dr HIcks enjoys helping people live life to the fullest measure God designed for them--whether that means understanding and maximizing their God-given personality and interests, addressing problems and setbacks labeled as "minor," or tackling major problems that have become debilitating. Depending on the client's specific concerns and goals, therapy may be brief or longer-term, and sessions may be more or less structured in nature. Dr Hicks' therapeutic interventions largely reflect the tenets of cognitive-behavioral therapy and interpersonal process theory--which aim to help individuals find lasting change in their patterns of thinking and relating to other people.

Dr Hicks has specialized experience in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)--particularly the application of evidence-based treatments to PTSD resulting from combat trauma or sexual trauma. Additional areas of emphasis include women's issues, recovery from childhood abuse/neglect, and the intersection of spiritual and psychological issues.

Psychologist Gena Hicks