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Church Assistance

SCA customizes plans for local churches and other organizations to assist persons of their choice in paying for their therapy. The process involves three simple steps:

1. Getting Started

A church qualifies a person to receive assistance and refers the recipient to SCA. That person calls SCA's intake coordinator, who conducts a telephone interview to assess needs, insurance availability and other details. The intake coordinator assigns a therapist for the client to call for a first appointment.

Before the first appoinment, the client will sign a release form allowing SCA's administrative office to finalize an assistance agreement with the church's contact person and obtain the necessary signatures on a Church Assisstance Program (CAP) authorization form.

2. Ongoing Treatment

SCA's therapist meets witht he client for the number of sessions specified in the agreement. With the client's written permission, the therapist will consult with a pastor from the church to coordinate care, report on progress and consider the need for further assistance.

SCA will mail invoices on a regular basis to the church contact person to cover therapy costs over the amount paid by the client and any applicable managed care program.

3. Agreement Completion

Once the client has used all the funds and/or sessions allotted in the agreement, it is considered completed. At that point the client and therapist are free to agree whether to terminate or continue treatment, and to arrange a new means of payment if they decide to continue.