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Missionary Care


Drawing on the diverse resources of the MCS and SCA staff, we provide an array of services to meet the needs of missionaries at home and abroad.

Candidate Assessment

Through clinical interviews and psychological assessment, we generate a multidimensional profile of the individual, couple or family. We then provide them and the sending agency with a written report of the findings and our recommendations.

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Wellness Assessment

Whether on home assignment or leaving the field, missionaries returning to the States benefit from objective assessment to promote adjustment and further growth. MCS evaluates returning missionaries in the following areas:

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Sometimes missionaries go through difficult personal and professional challenges. To help them deal with these challenges, our treatment team provides intensive counseling and specialized services to individuals and families.

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Crisis Intervention

Occasionally a missionary requires immediate intervention following traumatic events. MCS tailors a goal-oriented treatment program to deal with the missionary's specific concerns, leading to short term changes where needed most. This might include critical incident debriefing and other customized services.

Equipping and Training

MCS seminars, workshops and other customized services encourage churches and mission groups while providing relevant information and developing specific skills. We present research and treatment modalities at the Mental Health and Missions Conference periodically.

On-Field Care

MCS can send short-term professional staff on the field to meet with missionaries and national staff. There we can provide enrichment, assessment, therapy and crisis intervention.

Family and Third Culture Kid Services

Children of missionaries (third culture Kids) face unique challenges, and their healthy adjustment is cricial to the family's ministry. MCS designs services to meet each family's needs in the following areas:

As stewards of God's resources, MCS makes these services available at reasonable cost.