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Call Us

Please direct all phone calls to our main office in Littleton:

SCA Littleton Office: 303-730-1717

A receptionist is available Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm, and Fridays from 8 am to 2 pm. To reach other staff members, leave a voice message at the appropriate extension. You may use the recorded staff directory, or use the guidelines below.

To ensure the most timely response, please contact the appropriate person based on the following guidelines:

Get Help in an Emergency

SCA maintains an emergency pager, which you can reach any day at any time. The on-call therapist will call your therapist and inform him or her of your message. If your therapist cannot be reached immediately, the on-call therapist will call you directly.

The emergency pager is for use ONLY in crises where there is an immediate threat to your safety. It is not a means simply to reach your therapist more quickly. If you are in immediate danger, do not hesitate to call:

Emergency Pager: 303-730-1717 ext 1

Set a First Appointment

If you need assistance in choosing a therapist, please leave a voice message for our intake coordinator, Joel MacFarland, listing the best times for him to return your call. Joel will call you within two business days.

Joel MacFarland: 303-730-1717 ext 220

You may contact the therapist directly if you have already chosen one. Click the "Staff Page" button below to go to our staff page, then click on the name of the therapist you wish to see. This will take you to the therapist's profile page, where you will find the phone contact information at the bottom.

Contact Your Therapist

Your most effective way to reach your therapist is to leave a message in his or her private, confidential voice mail. Messages left for therapists in the general SCA mail box take considerably longer to reach the intended person.

To find your therapist's phone contact information, click on the "Staff Page" button below, then click the name of your therapist on the next page. You will find your therapist's phone contact information at the bottom of the profile page that appears.

Go to our staff page


Discuss Executive Matters

To deal with matters of clinical practice, employment or other topics requiring executive decision making, contact our executive director:

Doug Feil: 303-730-1717 ext 219

Deal With Financial Concerns

To discuss your account with SCA, call our client accounts advocate:

Nancy J: 303-730-1717 ext 226

Nancy can answer questions about your insurance coverage, update you on payments received and balance due, and work out plans with you to bring your payments up to date.

Nancy manages your account based on the Explanation of Benefits she receives from your insurance provider. Please contact your insurance provider directly with questions about their policies.

Get Further Information

For assistance in reaching anyone at SCA, or for help in determining whom you need to contact, call our main line:

SCA Main Line: 303-730-1717