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Assessment Services

Assessment Services

Often the way we understand a person powerfully affects the well being of that person, and the well being of those around him/her. Understanding a person requires the right information and an accurate interpretation of its meaning. When information is insufficient or its meaning is unclear, professional assessment can serve as a vital part of the solution.

SCA’s Assessment Services team integrates a depth of training, experience and resources to generate information and insights necessary for fuller understanding.

What Is Assessment?

Assessment is a term that describes the use of various testing tools to gather objective information about an individual. This information can be used in academic, workplace, or personal contexts. The goal of assessment is to identify level of functioning as well as identify particular diagnosis, if applicable.

During your first appointment, we will determine the best tests to fit your needs. We have a number of packages to assess a variety of common concerns. Also in your first appointment, we will give you an estimate of the costs and time involved in your assessment.

Our assessment team will compile the results into a comprehensive assessment report and meet with you to review the results and make our recommendations. We will assist you in finding appropriate follow-up referrals, whether it be with one of the many professionals at SCA or an outside agency.