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What We Believe

SCA provides the highest quality care to all our clients regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, religion or beliefs. All our therapists are committed, Bible-believing Christians. Our statement of faith summarizes the key beliefs we draw from our understanding of the Bible.

We do not impose our beliefs on anyone, nor do we reduce all the issues we treat to spiritual problems. We do, however, consider the spiritual part of life as essential as the mental, social and physical parts. So far as the client is willing, we seek to integrate all these parts in the process of healing and growth.

Our therapists are qualified to provide Christian counseling to those who request it. Christian counseling uses the Bible as the ultimate source of guidance to resolve the client's questions and to set a standard for living. Above all else, the goal of Christian counseling is a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

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